Starling Electric – Black Ghost/Black Girl

Starling Electric

As much as it sounds like it, the persons responsible for this track have nothing whatsoever to do with Teenage Fanclub (or Cosmic Rough Rides for that matter). No offshoot, no Glaswegian heritage, nothing. Instead it is a creation of Caleb Dillon from Michigan who seems intent on raking up the past in the nicest possible way. Although his album ‘Clouded Staircase’ was mostly recorded at home it has a rich lacquer, almost as if it has slowly matured over the years before being unleashed on the world. ‘Black Ghost/Black Girl’ ingratiates itself immediately, sinking its hooks into the nearest affection with Dillon’s vocals effecting the requisite auspiciousness. If I had a cassette to hand this would definitely be taking pride of place on Side One. KD

Starling Electric – Black Ghost/Black Girl

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Year: 2006

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