The Bell – Whatever Did You Say

The Bell

While I am prone to a tearful outburst at the oddest of events I can’t say there was much in the way of moisture aggregation at the announcement of iTunes 10th birthday. Still completely mind boggled at how Apple have pulled off their biggest masterstroke given iTunes limitations. Lack of portability, hugely clunky software and an abject rejection of the rules of capitalisation. To that end I am forever on the lookout for alternatives and even though emusic certainly makes a good stab at it their catalogue is just too limited. Google Play is the new kid on the block, kindly offering its app for free wherein you can amongst other things play all the music on your computer from any location at any time. So far, so swimmingly, that is until you have key in your credit card deets. I wonder why? Yep, that old Google trick of offering you the best freemium service until you are so dependent on it that a little monthly outlay hardly matters (looking at you gmail domains), n’est-ce pas? Being an all or nothing sort I dispensed with the signup process at that point but did take with me this song from Swedish band the Bell (who sound a bit like the Cure), which neatly soundtracks the Google Play promo pitch. The Bell are signed to Badman Recording Co. whom we’ve admired for the longest time. KD

The Bell – Whatever Did You Say

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Year: 2011

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