Telekinesis – Ghosts and Creatures


Up to his 3rd album (produced by a member of Spoon, what a mind bending combo eh?!) Michael Benjamin Lerner and his Telekinesis barely registered with us, as much for the tongue twister of a name as songs that just didn’t stick. Seems he may have changed tact though because the primer from newbie ‘Dormario’ is impossible to dodge. Calm and collected, only changing pitch for a fully blown chorus this is the sound of an artist who has found his voice. It may at certain points like an old St. Etienne track (a great thing) but it is Lerner’s friendly ghost vocals that propel the tune skywards. And for all the coolness there is still a residual sense of the geek at play, something that is confirmed by the cutesy and clever video. KD

Telekinesis – Ghosts and Creatures

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Year: 2013

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