Tinariwen – Matadjem Yinmixan


I can’t for the life of me watch the life been squeezed out of Barcelona. Bayern are truly wonderful but it pains me too much to watch Barca in the throes of such a humiliating thrashing. The only answer is to delve into the heart of a truly unique musical proposition and they don’t get any more inimitable than Mali’s Tinariwen. Now this is a group of musicians with a backstory, the vast majority of which exists beyond the comfortable surrounds of the music industry. Hardship and tragedy have pockmarked the personal lives of the band but the one constant, since its inception in the Sahara in 1979, has been leadman Ibrahim Ag Alhabib’s dedication to furthering the bands cause. To a large degree this has worked as Tinariwen have toured the western world extensively and signed to a US record label. ‘Matadjem Yinmixan’ is utterly hypnotic, the circular guitar turns are endlessly appealing especially when they shimmer in unison with the vocal chants. This is music that retains its origins while offering deep sustenance for an indie guitar palette. All the sorbet you’ll need to soothe a broken Camp Nou. KD

Tinariwen – Matadjem Yinmixan

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Year: 2007

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