Candy Claws – Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling)

Candy Claws

Quite how a band from Colorado hooked up with a tiny label from Dublin is anyone’s guess but I know I will curl up with a smile on my face knowing that ‘In The Dream With The Sea Life‘ burst forth into the world wearing an Indiecater logo. From that moment forward we were dedicated to the Candy Claws cause, even when the follow up ‘Hidden Lands’ demanded of all our resources to crack the hidden code. But we didn’t falter because magic still filled the air and now on the eve of Candy Claws 4th LP ‘Ceres & Calypso In The Deep Time’ the scent of wondrous dream pop is there for all inhale. This is an album of classic Candy Claws manoeuvres that are informed, as it their cutesome want, by historical periods of reptilian advancement/extinction ““ namely Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. If you don’t know by the the band offer a patented brand of shoegaze pop that constantly forages for rich seams of melody. Their scenes are often framed by off-kilter dynamics but somehow the opposing forces make for a cohesive whole. ‘Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling)’ from the new album won me over immediately with its elaborate percussion, bubbling intensity and the weaving interactivity between Ryan and Kay’s ghostly vocals. Wasn’t the same without them. KD

Candy Claws – Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling)

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Year: 2013

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