Liars – Point Your Pistol To The Sigh


Liars are ultimately one of the most confusing bands on the planet. Capable of supreme beauty and unlistenable experimentation within the space of a segue they are never less than interesting. I’d tuned out due to anorexic patience but then this orphaned release from single programme experts Adult Swim pulled me back into Liar’s cortex of noise. And that is surely what it is as the New York based group remove all semblance of chord and instead pitch a series of computer generated sonic images in our direction. Thankfully these mosaics do form hooks before disappearing Keyser Söze like into bank of electronica that had been fashioned from an old refrigerator. This is electro dog barking mad. KD

Liars – Point Your Pistols To The Sigh

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Year: 2012

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