Cosmetics – Sleepwalking


Not sure what became of Cosmetics since they went through their one and only purple patch back in 2010, when 2 7-inch’s came 45rpming from the loins of Captured Tracks. The Vancouver fashionistas were also due to release an album but nothing, it appears, became of it. If their 2 singles are their net total then Aja Emma and the partially named Nic will have left an indeliable mark. This was the lead track from the 2nd piece of vinyl and what a pert piece of electro-pop it turned out to be. Certainly was in fitting with the zeitgeist of ruffed up 80’s synth rebrands. Most of the time such exercises are poorly delivered rehashes but in Cosmetics hands the quality goes much deeper than the superficial. Funny that. KD

Cosmetics – Sleepwalking

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Year: 2010

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