Gap Dream – Go Ahead

Gabriel Fulvimar

Gotta thank Gabriel Fulvimar of Gap Dream for leading me to the Squires, a forgotten garage band from the mid-60s’. For this is his cover of a b-side of theirs from a single called ‘Going All The Way’. How it was bypassed back then and quite how Tarantino missed it more recently is a mystery but both tracks are classics of their kind. It was to be the Mike Bouyea’s led quintet’s only ever release before they slunk off to do other projects. Fulvimar has done a brilliant job on cleaning up the original without ever distracting from its central tenet. If I didn’t know any better I would have lumped this into the wonderful grab-bag of contemporary Swedish songs that are high on sweet retro melody. KD

Gap Dream – Go Ahead

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Year: 2012

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