Alt J – Breezeblocks (Acid Invaders Remix)

Acid Invaders

In the hip declining, narrow focused archway that is my current music discovery programme I must admit to knowing just as many Acid Invaders tunes as Alt J ones. And no it’s not zero as both acts have been featured here before. While this revelation will neither insult nor surprise anyone I am glad that the battle for my heart from these 2 fine maidens is set to continue following the uncovering of this particularly astute Acid Invaders remix of ‘Breezeblocks’. It doesn’t as much take the original to a parallel universe as beam it northwards to a part of space that nobody thought existed. In essence it feels all the world like a new track, a dance anthem with vocals that are just too good to live forever within the confines of a set of beautifully assembled thump thumps. It works best because this is Friday night and el scorchio outside has demanded that cooling liquid from faraway lands be imbibed in copious quantities. It’s the holidays, the happy holidays. KD

Alt J – Breezeblocks (Acid Invaders Remix)

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Year: 2013

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