Straw Bear – Snobbery

Straw Bear

Despite starting out like it could have Thom Yorke intentions it soon becomes apparent that Cambridgeshire band Straw Bear have instead got Belle & Sebastian in their sights. Their sound is a close relative and the lyrics are so wry you could almost have them down as kissing cousins. With a debut album, ‘Black Ban’, out and several singles that have several dignitaries all a flutter it seems high time that we jump on their bandwagon. And ‘Snobbery’ would appear to be the perfect vehicle for such pursuits such is its seemingly inward self. But don’t be fooled by quiet ones such as this because under the gentle stirrings of the exterior lies an undertow that could pull the carpet from beneath. Folk like this is definitely for folk like you. KD

Straw Bear – Snobbery

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Year: 2013

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