Tracey Thorn – Swimming (Visionquest Remix)

Tracey Thorn

How to choose the perfect summer track to compliment the exotic conditions being sported across this green (turning patchily brown of late) land of ours? By switching to an unexpected source of course, namely ex Everything But The Girl singer Tracey Thorn and a remix of her ‘Swimming’ track from 2011. This is the Visionquest remix with Ewan Pearson additional edits along the way. It is quite the blissed out delight, rolling and tumbling along for over 9 minutes and ending with the subtle crashing of tiny waves. Amongst the tailored beats Thorn’s vocal offer a gentle oasis, a masterly set of vocals that appear to be getting stronger as her career winds off in the most unexpected of ways (her Christmas album ‘Tinsel & Lights’ last year was tear inducing). Happy daze. KD

Tracey Thorn – Swimming (Visionquest Remix)

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Year: 2011

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