I Break Horses – No Way Outro

I Break Horses

Not sure I’m entirely hooked on ‘Denial’, I Break Horses newest track and precursor to album number 2 which is likely to be released sometime this year. It sounds like they’ve gone backwards, from 1991 to 1986 to be precise, which may cheer those on a synthy buzz but for ex floppy fringed sorts like myself it is a retrograde step. It is now 2 years since the Swedish duo’s magnificent debut ‘Hearts’ was released, an album that has genuinely emerged as a post shoegaze classic. I find myself returning for more every few months and each time falling in love with a brand new track. The latest objection of my affections is ‘No Way Outro’, a song without many words but a charging heart that could challenge a stampede herd of buffalo. The climax is only second to the thrill offered by scoring the winning goal at a World Cup final, with sex a distant third. KD

I Break Horses – No Way Outro

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Year: 2011

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