cfit – Heliophilia


If it wasn’t good enough that cfit sounded a little like a hype-worthy Radiohead they have now added boosters in the shape of Sigur Ros (especially on ‘Spitefuck’). Of course there remains that special secret ingredient, namely the cfit signature thirst for wanton experimentation with melodic dalliances. I truly love this band, have done so since their remarkable debut album of almost 3 years ago ‘Triage’ (which was produced by another of our faves, Dave Canton from the Dying Seconds) and the arrival of a new EP ‘Morning Bruises’ meant the decks were cleared. And the new arrival hasn’t disappointed with Noël Duplaa still eagerly following his singular vision with a background team that now number half a dozen. Cfit create a big sound that is elaborately engineered but never sounds like it was bolted together. The structures may be long and winding but they are headed somewhere flush with ripe invention. With 2 of its tracks rolling beyond the 6 minutes mark this EP is definitely not for the add afflicted but then such is the jittery momentum it could well be a perfect fit. At this early juncture ‘Heliophilia’ is the track that has bedded down best (although the aforementioned ‘Spitefuck’ is almost there too), a splinter movement that is about as attractive as the sun after 3 months of grey-skied Irish weather. Their time will come, for some of us it already has. KD

cfit – Heliophilia

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Year: 2013

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