MGMT – Alien Days


Wherein MGMT grow up and become a real band, with real songs. Imagine that, the pompous witherings of an out of touch old fool who couldn’t tell a contemporary electro classic from a jingle on Nick Jr. Quite enjoyed MGMT part 1 actually but ‘Alien Days’ is a brave new move into frontiers as yet unexplored and with Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev producer, hooray) again on board their upcoming self-titled debut could be the moment they take over. ‘Alien Days’ is quite odd, unnervingly psychedelic and a zig-zagging experimental ride but for all that it is easy on the ear from the very first listen. We need a record from 2013 that will give this year a reason to be remembered and ‘MGMT’ stands a good chance of doing it. Here’s hoping. KD

MGMT – Alien Days

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Year: 2013

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  1. Melodie Davis
    September 14, 2013

    Alien Days is really rad (also their lyric video was so trippy), I’m really excited to hear the record again on the 17th.

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