Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry

Jordan Lee of Mutual Benefit

I’ve written about this act on a couple of occasions previously without ever getting to the kernel of who they are. In many ways there is so much beauty in the music it might somehow tar the experience to find that there were mere mortals behind its production. But in the interest of keeping the archivalists of 2083 happy Mutual Benefit is the work of one man, Jordan Lee, and a legion of talented friends. This lush piece of indie pop is taken from Lee’s upcoming LP ‘Love’s Crushing Diamond’ and features plenty of folks playing real instruments in a most charming way. ‘Advanced Falconry’, apart from being title of the year, is Mutual Benefit upping the game in what has been a never less than cherubic catalogue of releases up to this point. Promise made good and a talent that is truly blooming. KD

Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry

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Year: 2013

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