Wise Blood – Nosferatu

Chris Laufman

Is it any wonder that Pittsburgh’s Wise Blood got around to recording a song called ‘Nosferatu’? Not really but then Chris Laufman appears capable of anything if you were to pull apart the wreckage of sound that his Wise Blood produces. With a new album ‘id’ just released we’ve typically spend an evening get to know his last release from 2011 called ‘These Wings’ from which the germanic blood sucking ‘Nosferatu’ was taken from. There are elements of ‘Disintegration’ era Cure going on musically but Laufman’s vocals are far too obtuse to stand up to comparison to Sir Robert’s airy rapport. All told it drifts along like a nightmare that doesn’t leave your daytime consciousness which in layman’s terms means it is at this moment coursing through my veins. KD

Wise Blood – Nosferatu

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Year: 2011

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