Camp Counselors – Attean (Feat. Psychic Twin)

Camp Counselors

What is a Lefse anyway, a bad right turn? Never thought to ask myself until this evening after arriving upon another delight from the venerable Californian record label of the same name. For the last few years I don’t think there has been another label that has synced so readily with my music nodes and now what seems like the label’s solid move into electronica (via their one of their own signings Kyle J. Reigle of Cemeteries) with Camp Counselors has all the appearance of another winning move. ‘Attean’ may take time to reveal itself and I’ll admit that it bubbled away nicely in the background before I sat up and took notice (at 4:32 to be precise). Normally these sorts of kaleidoscopes of sound feature a single vocal but Reigle enlisted Erin Fein from Psychic Twin to add the requisite ethereal shadow dancing. In many ways this is something and nothing while retaining a bit of everything. A little bit more interesting that a piece of flatbread from Norway then. KD

Camp Counselors – Attean (Feat. Psychic Twin)

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Year: 2013

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