Ducktails – Honey Tiger Eyes


I’m sure it didn’t take a find-yourself jaunt to deepest India for them to come up with this new fangled psychedelic sound, they were probably just brought up on a diet of late era Beatles records. Perhaps not, maybe it was just that their parents liked what happened to Spacemen 3 once they turned into Spiritualised. Whatever the inspiration ‘Honey Tiger Eyes’ is hugely impressive and a cloudy world away from Matt Mondanile’s other band Real Estate’s more direct jangle. There must be so much comfort in his straddling the two creatives, something to occupy both his night and day. ‘Honey Tiger Eyes’ is taken from a new Ducktails EP called ‘Wish Hotel’ which at the very least should comfortably accommodate your ears while all around everything becomes a brighter shade of tinsel. KD

Ducktails – Honey Tiger Eyes

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Year: 2013

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