The Naked And Famous – A Stillness

The Naked and Famous

If you thought all that New Zealand could produce was a seismic set of janglers under the auspices of an airborne cleric you’d be so wrong because there’s Big Runga for one and this zeitgeist freewheelin’ duo (and friends) called the Naked and Famous. And if that last line seems like an all too simple summary of a whole nation’s musical output you’ll have to forgive me but hopefully see my point. Last time we checked in Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers were giving MGMT and Empire of the Sun a run for their money and wouldn’t you know it in a year that the aforementioned groups produced good albums so do our New Zealand friends. ‘In Rolling Waves’ was produced by Alan Moulder (he of Ride and MBV fame) and you can see his hand in the constructs which while remaining undeniably TNAF in tone have a new dash and spirit of adventure. So ‘A Stillness’ is an oft changing earthling with each new face one that’ll bring a smile to yours. So talented and bursting with possibility. KD

The Naked And Famous – A Stillness

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Year: 2013

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