Cinerama – Because I’m Beautiful


I won’t have a word said against Spotify because for one thing it helps me put off the day when I head loftwards and deboxify every one of the several thousand CD’s I bought during a time when free music came in the form of a flexible piece of plastic glued to the front of an expensive magazine. Some of the best times which may have given me an appreciation for music that may not have been possible in the land of plenty we find ourselves in today. But I digress since the purpose of this dispatch is to heap more praise on his Leedsness Dave Gedge, his once side project Cinerama and their second LP and all round fabulous piece of audiac ‘Disco Volante’. I know this because I gave it more than a cursory listen, didn’t pick songs as per instructed in an online guidebook but just let it work its magic from 1 to 11 in a way so designed by Wedding Present mainman. If this song sounds like a million miles from ‘Give My Love To Kevin’ you must be a stickler for tradition or a harbinger of doom when it comes to change because ‘Because I’m Beautiful’ is a fully formed classic documenting an unconventional romance that only Sir Gedge could pen. KD

Cinerama – Because I’m Beautiful

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Year: 2000

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