Junip – Walking Lightly


At first I thought this was David Kitt and his eventual return to the sort of form that so illuminated his first couple of LP’s. Sadly ‘Walking Lightly’ is instead the work of a pair of men from much farther North in the (heart)shape of José González and Tobias Winterkorn. They play under the Junip moniker in-between González’ forays into successful solodom. ‘Walking Lightly’ appeared on the group’s lauded second LP ‘Junip’ and though it hardly veers from its initially manoeuvrings there is something altogether fetching in its circular psychedelic volleys. It plays for nearly 6 minutes and while partial glasseye is inevitable isn’t it just wonderful to take the weight off your stressed head for just a little while. KD

Junip – Walking Lightly

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Year: 2013

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  1. October 1, 2014

    Jose Gonzalez just has one of those timbre’s that so subdued and yet emotional. His whispery phrases carry so much weight. I love it! Thanks for the introduction to Junip Hugger!

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