Teleman – Skeleton Dance


Thomas Saunders specialises in zippy indie numbers, the type that normally don’t require several plays before you’re in raptures. The danger in this kind of tuneage of course is that when you get to half a dozen listens it is generally as limp as a radish that’s had several hours in the company of the sun. Thankfully in the case of Saunders compositions and under his various guises with Tap Tap, Pete and the Pirates and now Teleman there is substance to go with the immediacy. ‘Skeleton Dance’ will throw you a lifejacket to his way of thinking and it offers a delightful porthole into splendours of Teleman’s debut album ‘Breakfast’. Plenty of snap, crackle and pop on this one. KD

Teleman – Skeleton Dance

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Year: 2014

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