John Grant – GMF

John Grant

It was perhaps Sean Rowe that got me to look beyond bards and their beards and instead focus on the music. For all that John Grant wasn’t too much of a stretch from Rowe’s colourful backstory and equally grizzly musical creations. He started out in a band called the Czars with whom I had very little contact apart from their ‘Paint The Moon’ which inspired me to buy a horse and live in Arizona for over 4 months. And this song from the long since solo Grant has all the makings of another contemporary classic as the lyrics defying the seemingly calm and reflective instrumental setting. With enough self-loathing to populate a decade’s worth of Woody Allen scripts Grant disposed of self-preservation on ‘GMF’ which came out on last year’s much lauded ‘Pale Green Ghosts’. The words arrive unexpectedly and although delivered in a lowly manner will result in nothing less than fixation on the listener’s side. KD

John Grant – GMF

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Year: 2013

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