Simian Ghost – Summer Triptych


Simian Ghost

It’s been so long since Sweden was defying the odds seemingly supplying splendid new bands at every turn. The same thing happened to Canada and for a while it was tic-tac between them to decide the epicentre for fresh and bright newness. We’ve moved on a good deal since then with the traditional powerhouses of New York and London re-establishing their dominance. That said Simian Ghost from Sandviken (near the East coast of Sweden) could be about to become one of the new Northern lights, despite being around for a number of years and already with a pair of albums behind them. The band is largely the work of Sebastian Arnström who has a penchant for electro laced dream pop. While that might seem like an exercise in mining the past Arnström is genuinely gifted in crafting memorable ditties so his newly released album ‘The Veil’ could take him into the stratosphere along with quite a few other people. ‘Summer Triptych’ is the 17th cut of a bumper 18 track delight and a perfect introduction to this sweet confection. KD

Simian Ghost – Summer Triptych

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Year: 2014

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