Max Jury – Christian Eyes

Max Jury

At first I couldn’t even figure if it was a male or female singing. Not that it mattered a whole lot but now it’s clear that Max Jury is a 21-year-old lad from Des Moines. His voice certainly resonates with a classic tone, a rare ability that evokes terrific personality within the environs of lowly ebb. ‘Christian Eyes’ is beautifully sown together with all manner of delicate parts that never rise above a gorgeously scented and leisurely pace. And as Jury sings about Gram Parsons the comparisons appear to be in their infancy yet he could soon step beyond obvious peers like Bright Eyes. You’ll find several other hushed classics on Jury’s ‘Something In The Air’ EP which he’ll be showcasing on his current UK tour. KD

Max Jury – Christian Eyes

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Year: 2014

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