Cowbell – She’s All Over You



Truth be told I can’t tell my Farfisa from my Korg but the signature sound that emanates from Cowbell’s ‘She’s All Over You’ always has me in raptures. The Doors remain its finest purveyor and along the way the Inspiral Carpets consistently floored me with the flights of organ-driven mayhem. So here we are in 2015 and London duo are flying the flag for a sound that has been with us for half a century. And it still sounds exhilarating with ‘She’s All Over You’ punching a great hole in the bubble of sterility that you might expect of a Sunday evening. The song is taken from Jack Sandham and Wednesday Lyle’s sophomore album ‘Skeleton Soul’, copies of which can thankfully be procured on vinyl. KD

Cowbell – She’s All Over You

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Year: 2015

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