Echo Lake – Sun


Echo Lake

There’s a point on Echo Lake’s new album ‘Era’ where everything just drops into place, a gilded moment when Linda Jarvis’s voice soars in that graceful way of hers above a din of magnificent shoegaze delivered in part by Thom Hills trembling and ever so distorted guitars. Despite being only a couple of month old ‘Sun’ is already a readymade addition to a set of classic songs from a genre that refuses to die, or for that matter grow old. The template is the same as yore with a ravaging noise that could quite easily expel as many as it enthrals. ‘Sun’ devastating gifts deserve speakers made out of mountains and ears as deep as the Grand Canyon. It’ll shake you from your slumber and remind you of the great beauty that is still possible with the stock tools of the trade. KD

Echo Lake – Sun

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Year: 2015

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