Only Real – Can’t Get Happy

Only Real

It was in the year of our lord 2013 that we first genuflected at the altar of Niall Galvin. He being the whirlwind behind what is becoming an unstoppable force known as Only Real. Back then the impossibly young Londoner had focused his sights on past thrills but for his just released debut album, ‘Jerk At The End of The Line’, he has blossomed into something altogether more singular. This is most apparent on ‘Can’t Get Happy’ which boasts a thrilling circus of voice and guitar movements ““ an off-kilter pop song that fills whatever space it occupies. I was so taken by it that it played 3 times in succession, which for someone with several hundred songs in the queue is saying something. It’s clear that this boy is supremely talented and this is borne out by an album that rarely falls short of exhilarating. KD

Only Real – Can’t Get Happy

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Year: 2015

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