LNZNDRF – Beneath The Black Sea


I don’t care if the letters have special meaning LNZNDRF is just a ridiculous name for a band and I refuse to relearn the alphabet. For all that there is so much to love about this song that all of the perceived ire in the previous sentence is truly only half hearted. Consisting of three moonlighters, made up of two parts the National and one part Beirut, LNZNDRF have an album in ‘Green Roses’ that will have fans of the guitar heroes of yesteryear in raptures. There are lots of epic instrumental forays throughout but ‘Beneath The Black Sea’ encapsulates the greatness that this new band can conjure. In what is an undoubted homage to Joy Division/New Order this remains a piece of work to stop you in your tracks (the bass kicks in and so do the goosebumps) such is its attention to detail. It could be Barney Sumner on vocals, Peter Hook on bass and a drummer that nobody quite knows the name of but is so sterling in his efforts he’ll make you feel like you can levitate unevenly. Spellbinding. KD

LNZNDRF – Beneath The Black Sea

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Year: 2016

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