Garefowl – Hion Daila Horo Ri Ho Hion Daila Là

I could tell we were going out on a limb here but great music is great music and Garefowl have certainly produced it here. Strap yourself in for an epic set on Scottish outpost of St. Kilda and an old fashioned tale of romance and bravado. The piece that just breathes wild nature and the possibilities of the world around. Such traditional fare too, old English/Irish/Native American came to mind but it was the fiddles that really brought matters to a head. Add in some bouzouki, cello, harmonium, jaw harp, mandolin, viola da gamba and it sounds like we’ve gone native. Cast aside all your troubles, let your hair down and dance like you are six-years-old again, I know I did and I’m nearly bald and in my forties. KH

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Year: 2020

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