Anorak Patch – Irate

Talk about a knockabout sound from this precocious 4-piece from Colchester. Reminding of the Breeders and a whole set of post-grunge activists such is its noisy disdain for anything linear. There is an insouciance here, an I am going to play this the way I feel it should and not going to take any instruction from those who probably feel they know it all. It reminds me so of the 90’s, a DIY sound and then they go and confound us with a mid-section so full of introspection it could be from the pages of a forlorn diary. Nu-grunge gets a major reboot via Anorak Patch and their true take on how ‘Irate’ should sound from the comfort of a lockdown purchased couch. KH

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Year: 2021

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