TTRRUUCES – Stranger Now Forever

I must say English/Gallic duo Jules Apollinaire and Natalie Findlay of TTRRUUCCES gave me a few ‘Deserter Songs’ flashbacks at various points during their new tune ‘Stranger Now Forever’ as well as an overwhelming view of them being overtly confident to deploy Brian Wilson’s canon of harmonies. Psych drenched and sixties obsessed this song is nonetheless a fine and dandy version of the music that 2021 should be doing to pull us free from all those pandemic worries. TTRRUUCES are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and none of that double-lettering is going to change that. It only stays with us for 4 minutes but in that time we get to experience so many vibrant adventures it feels like a vacation to remember. Love that is most probably truly, madly and forever. KH

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Year: 2021

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