Means of Entry – Serenity

Means of Entry sure can conjure a whole lot of noise and though it is never a racket it could well be something for those with tinnitus to scarper from. But for the rest of us this is rock blazing from speakers in a car full of teenagers on the cusp of working it all out and needing a soundtrack to celebrate the fact. ‘Serenity’ is a perfect title as a result because for all the generated crash, bang and wallop there is payback that will have most sleeping soundly tonight. Lansing’s Means of Entry tear through matters as if walking over hot coals so the primal vocal utterances make sense and we sway in time despite their pain. Demon downing, that is something to celebrate surely. Free expression in just over 3 minutes. KH

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More Info: Official Hear More Songs: Means of Entry Year: 2023

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