Drew Danburry – Striker

There comes a time every year where we need to put a halt to all that fretting and just let our old selves back into the mix. That means pulling away from the stresses we hoist upon ourselves and I like nothing better than letting some choice music work its magic. Songs such as ‘Striker’ by Drew Danburry, which he dedicates to his son, the apple of his eye. ‘Striker’ has such a wholesome effect – a singalong that is catchy and immediate and just made for everyone else to join in as if we’ve gathered by the winter fire in the expectation of a night of celebration like times gone by. Apt too with the festive season on the horizon that this folk charmer and all its siblings come out on Danburry’s new LP ‘Lynette I Love You’ on December 15th. ‘Striker’ will undoubtedly be the cherubic heart of the collection, rosy-cheeked music that can’t help but have us feeling those cherished feelings all over again. KH

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Year: 2023

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