Thantophobe – Strange

Well if it is mood and atmosphere you are after then the first minute of ‘Strange Light’ will have you sorted. Thereafter there is a strong inclination towards 90’s alt rock tendencies, a hybrid of slacker and shoegaze that might even have a little Smashing Pumpkins ‘Siamese Dream’ grunge thrown in for good measure. The effect is beguiling, nothing is rushed but there are plenty of rushes – not least in the blaze of chords and the combined effect of the melodic intent wherein Thomas Johnsen’s vocals take whatever heat is applied in the riffs to a softened and beautiful manageable degree. Old school indie heads will be aglow, Johnsen choosing an abandoned church to record his upcoming album ‘Imposter’ with the result that tracks like ‘Strange’ are never eerie, more evocative and often wonderous and in the process reminding us of ‘Hammering The Cramps’ by the much missed Sparklehorse. KH

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Year: 2023

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