La Need Machine – I Wish I Could Fly

Those opening exchanges would have you believing there is an exercise in loneliness/heartbreak/resignation on the way but nothing could be further from Seattle’s La Need Machine’s plan because there is so much hope to ‘I Wish I Could Fly’ aspirations that it gives us the rest of us a rush of inspiration. I felt the twee pop qualities, the back and forth boy/girl vocals are sweet and it is indicative of a track that is innocent and joyful but also realistic as to what is required to make a better fist of living our best life. The narrative has been set for messaging us about climate change and its affect on nature but the sentiments could be applied to all aspects of life. The chorus brings matters to a head but by then most will be singing along and in that stride things will seem less insurmountable. ‘I Wish I Could Fly’ is the best kind of talking to that you’ll hear all week. KH

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Year: 2023

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