Kaksipäinen Koira – Hologrammi

There is a spark there, obvious from the start and it comes in the shape of those rampaging riffs that have a certain motorik about them to a degree that it feels like a hurricane to the face. Never in a manner that feels uncomfortable however because Finland’s Kaksipainen Koira are dedicated purveyors of the art of shoegaze. And we have been aligned with that movements since the early days but it takes something a bit special to get us out of seats, something that the gush and tumble of ‘Hologrammi’ achieves with aplomb. There is a vitality you see and this only Kaksipäinen Koira’s (Aliisa Keränen and Tero Huotari) second single, you can hear it in the instinctual whooping that occurs from nowhere. Sparkling stuff. KH

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Year: 2024

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