The Entrepreneurs – Search For No One

You know you will be left with a minor tremble after a song from this Danish act, The Entrepreneurs just shaking the room every time they enter it. And on this occasion they reminded me a lot of the Shipping News, a similar collection of noiseniks who are just here to unsettle our ordered day. There is a grunge aspect to the endless crescendo on ‘Search for No One ‘ too and that might come from its uncompromising style that slips into Pixies territory at times. With very much a paucity of hero bands in 2024 it is heartening to hear one who are primed to shake us back into life because their mission comes supplied with guaranteed shuddering but crucially a fine tune too, something that is furthered by the loss of deafening thunder for something more melodic towards the end of ‘Search For No One’. KH

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Year: 2024

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