Kingston – Weird Dreams


Well enough of this crushed bauble underfootness (numbers vastly depleted owing to 18 month old Godzilla with a penchant for the shiny, new and reachable) it’s time to start the new year with something exciting and local. Kilkenny as it happens, a spot not unknown for ye olde pop wonders over the years. And Kingston certainly have a powerful engine in their alley going by the opening track from their self-titled debut EP. It’s the brass that sells it (well done Roman Hartmann and Henry McKeever) and the Beatlesque turns that sustain it but the general impression is of something about to catch fire. Creativity about to flourish in a year that is still in soiled nappies, wohoo what a year 2014 is going to be! KD

Kingston – Weird Dreams

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Year: 2013

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  1. Henry:

    I play sax in the band, feels bad not getting mentioned :'(

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