#11 Animals That Swim – Pink Carnations

When you get an opening salvo as memorable as ‘I was in a car crash, its not a hard luck story, on my back in the road with bits of me around’ its time to sit up and take notice. The song captures one mans world-weariness as he experiences clinical incompetence, political shallowness and the loneliness of old age during an altogether unpleasant hospital stay. You’d think that such a downbeat tale could have your reaching for the poison but the sharp humour and ingenious playing makes it rather jaunty. A memorable circular riff bolsters the tirade but its not until the swooping trumpet kicks in that it all goes supernova. With the words being spoken rather than sung the sentiments are easily translated making this one of the best short audio dramas you’ll hear in a while. Sadly Animals That Swim’s clever cleverness meant a wider audience eluded them and their albums lacked the persuasive feel of their finer moments.

Animals That Swim – Pink Carnations

Album: Workshy
Year: 1995

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