#44 Animal Collective – Winters Love

New Yorkers Panda Bear and Avey Tare aint your average duo, you can probably deduce that from their names alone. Signed on the deliciously appropriate Fat Cat label they are on a mission to record the sound of the schoolyard in dolby stereo. Their compositions are generally as dysfunctional as a family at Christmas yet the cobbled together mess can quite often breach even the hardest of hearts. Take ‘Winters Love’ for example that for the longest time scratches about in the back garden, voices hum in no particular pattern and the acoustics are as shaky as a freshly potted sprig. The change of direction in the middle is far more discernible as the celebrating Apaches clasp hands and sway around the mock fireplace. Animal Collective will likely flabbergast most, 10 seconds can often be enough to have the impatient running for a polished Chris Martin vignette. But, why would you deny yourself the chance to look through the portal that leads back to your childhood. These might be the boys least likely to but along the way they will lift the souls of many of the disenchanted. KD

Animal Collective – Winters Love

Album: Sung Tongs
Year: 2004
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