#66 Whiteout – Dee Troyt

Whiteout - Detroit
Whiteout were a curious act who peddled a unfortunate mix of middle of the road rock with an occasional country edge. Their star ascended for a time in the mid nineties as they secured a deal with the (then) ultra cool Silvertone label who had released the Stone Roses debut. A number of their singles flirted with the indie charts but it was obvious the Scottish band were destined for bargain bin anonymity. The strange thing was that hidden away on their releases were impossibly beautiful tunes bedecked in harmonies that would have given parts of ‘Pet Sounds’ a run for its money. ‘Dee Troyt’ is a b-side from the ‘Detroit’ single and is note perfect heart swelling ear candy. The acoustics are crystal and the crisp production bolsters the dreamy vocals. If they had emphasised this side of their talent then perhaps their label could’ve had another phenomenon on their hands. KD

Whiteout – Dee Troyt

Album: Detroit single
Year: 1994
Buy: Detroit

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