#72 Matthew Jay – Let Your Shoulder Fall

Matthew Jay only ever released one album due to his untimely death aged 24 in 2003. If he was still with us he’d probably be a megastar by now and there would be no such thing as James Blunt. Jay had a cast iron talent that saw him wringing haunting melodies in the most unhurried of manners. His family background in folk certainly moulded the young singer and helped turn ‘Draw’ into one of 2001’s most pleasant surprises. Listening to the album ‘Let Your Shoulder Fall’ leaps out immediately if only for the shimmering chord changes at the beginning. The words pour forth from the singer like water from a fountain and even if the message is a little garbled the sentiments are clear. The layered vocals give the song depth and the playing has a pleasing experimental ring to it as evidenced by the slightly hallucinogenic tail off. KD

Matthew Jay – Let Your Shoulder Fall

Album: Draw
Year: 2001
Buy: Draw

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