#80 Teenage Fanclub – Christmas Eve

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Ready for a twinkle twinkle little star kind of song? You could almost bet your house on Teenage Fanclub coming up with the goods on their ode to Christmas. I can think of nothing more perfect than a delicate blend of shimmering riffs and honeyed vocals at this time of year. ‘Christmas Eve’ is a slight departure for the Glaswegians in that it relies on a flickering chord change rather than a rush of vocals to convey the message. This is as timid and adorable as a child creeping down the stairs at 4am to check if the big man has come up with the goods. The only disappointment is that it seems to end about a minute too early, with the wholesome singing appearing at fade out you feel this particular avenue could have been developed further. But this is only a minor quibble because when ‘Christmas Eve’ spins nothing will stir, not even a mouse. KD

Teenage Fanclub – Christmas Eve

Album: It’s A Cool Cool Christmas
Year: 2000

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