#103 The Unbelievable Truth – Yesterday Never Leaves

Try and peruse the Unbelievable Truth’s website (http://www.unbelievable-truth.com) and you won’t learn a jot as it seems the memories held aren’t the best. Perhaps the root of the bands rise and fall lay in the fact that the chief songwriter was none other than Andy Yorke, brother of Radiohead frontman Thom. Comparisons were always going to ensue and while the 2 bands share a gift for precocious songwriting there is no definable bridge to link the siblings output. The Unbelievable Truth were always an enticing prospect in their own right and their debut ‘Almost Here’ was a quiet revelation. The singles it spawned were universally strong which is always a good indicator of scope of talent at work. ‘Solved’ boasted several strong b-sides with ‘Yesterday Never Leaves’ being the prize catch. Understated acousticism rarely sounds this good, Yorke’s vocals are touching and the delicate strings add up to what could be a perfect shifty disco. Put this aside for quite reflection, as you attempt to figure why the best things in life often go unnoticed. KD

The Unbelievable Truth – Yesterday Never Leaves

Album: Solved EP
Year: 1998
Buy: Solved

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