#104 The Plague Monkeys – White Feathers

Ethereal is about as apt a word you’ll get to describe the Plague Monkeys. Take singer Carol Keogh who sounds equal parts Liz Fraser/Dolores O’ Riordan and add in an equally capable band who invent chords at will to hang majestically in the air like a glider and the result is the aural equivalent of whipped cream. Somewhat inevitably the trick wears thin after a number of tunes but taken in moderation the effect can be truly exhilarating. This Irish band have habited the fringes for several years, all they need is a director with an ear for moody atmospherics and the world could yet be their oyster. The vocals on ‘White Feathers’ are soft yet powerful and the guitar ambles advance and retract with a regularity that is close to hypnotic. It will probably flit in and out of your life with undue haste but the time you spend together will be icy cool. KD

The Plague Monkeys – White Feathers

Album: Surface Tension
Year: 1999
Buy: Surface Tension

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