#109 The Ataris – Pure Imagination

While nothing can quite surpass Gene Wilder’s version of ‘Pure Imagination’ the Ataris make a valiant stab at breathing indie cool into what is movie soundtrack classic. ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ is one of the best films ever made, not least because of the wonderful music contained within. It outscores the recent update in every department, how could a film with such a wonderful heart ever be bettered anyway? The Ataris coax some great riffs from the raw material, infusing a new lease of life into what is really a lullaby. In the process the songs structure is turned on its head, without ever losing the qualities that made it such a winning treat in the first place. Kris Roe’s nasal whine fits the bill perfectly and the slightly ill timed drumming conveys a strange world where tiny men supply the world with multishaped chocolate. KD

The Ataris – Pure Imagination

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