#110 The Caesars – Sort It Out

The Caesars fate was sealed, the very moment it was decided to use their ‘Jerk It Out’ song for an iPod ad they were guaranteed the best exposure known to marketing man. Sadly beyond this farfiso organ propelled effort it seemed there was little to titillate curious fans inspecting their back catalogue. Or so you’d think! ‘Sort It Out’ is another power hungry monster from the Swedish band, and even boasts a longer shelf life than their breakthrough single. This time the emphasis is very much on the guitar escapades and a demon vocal performance that begs for the sort inebriated weekend that could floor most humans. Of course the electronics do make an appearance neatly splicing the rush of chords on their memorable rampage. File under ‘watch the dancefloor become a heaving sweaty mass’. KD

The Caesars – Sort It Out

Album: 39 Minutes of Bliss (in An Otherwise Meaningless World)
Year: 2003
Buy: 39 Minutes of Bliss (in An Otherwise Meaningless World)

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