#116 Ambulance LTD – Heavy Lifting

Like much of Ambulance LTD’s effortlessly cool eponymous debut album ‘Heavy Lifting’ mixes delicate harmonies, shuffling beats and affecting chord changes into an intoxicating mix. Just because you come from New York doesn’t guarantee that you have your finger on the pulse but Ambulance LTD perfectly blend their shoegaze influences with a noughties sensibility. So you’re are not going to be blown away by the originality of it all but Ambulance LTD create a sound that rarely falters and often moves. This is old skool indiepop, intelligent and crafted so skilfully that Marcus Congelton’s voice need only ride the good vibes to be effective. Looks like Song to the Siren has been rewritten all over again! KD

Ambulance LTD – Heavy Lifting

Album: LP
Year: 2004
Buy: LP

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