#118 The Notwist – Pick Up The Phone

‘Neon Golden’ saw the Notwist flip 180 degrees from their original hardcore beginnings. The album presented a band with a firm grasp on electronica, a genre that continued to raise the bar in the early noughties. While not exactly coffee table this was music to fill the coolest saloons in town. Markus Archers softly spoken vocals are instantly welcome while the digitals displayed a desire to fly off in off-kilter directions. That the album took 15 months to record says a lot about attention to detail that was put in. ‘Pick Up The Phone’ was the lead single and showed exactly how the Notwist had carved out a unique sound for themselves. It plays like battered vinyl with creaky fits and starts and a haunting digital panpipe creates an eerie background. Archers voice comes into its own at the chorus, his German accent undetectable amongst the rabble beats. Cool, suave and about to steal your heart. KD

The Notwist – Pick Up The Phone

Album: Neon Golden
Year: 2003
Buy: Neon Golden

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  1. February 4, 2006

    You have a good blog.I like this kind of uncommercial musics.Thanks;)

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